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Day Trip to the Painted Hills, Oregon

Day Trip to the Painted Hills, Oregon

We celebrated Earth Day at painted hills, it is one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. It turns out that it is only 80 miles from Bend and we had no idea, until my parents pointed it out! I thought it was 6 hours away, 

Travel the Oregon Coast – Seaside / Cannon Beach

  We finally made it to the coast and it was wonderful, sometimes i forget we are only 3 or so hours away. It was Meadow’s first time seeing the ocean and her reaction was priceless. We drove to Seaside first and went straight to 

Scout lake, a local secret, warm water and kid friendly

Scout lake, a local secret, warm water and kid friendly

I love her chunky legs!

She did not know what to think ?

It’s always so fun deciding what lake we are going to go, central Oregon has over 100 mountain lakes!

It’s our personal goal to visit them all but this time we picked scout lake because of it warm water and its kid friendly. The lake is small but it is one of the warmest lakes we’ve been to in central Oregon. It’s never too crowded and it is only used for swimming, so bring plenty of sunblock and floaties. They also have camping facilities, however, they don’t allow dogs. But I always see a couple of dogs and no one seems to mind.

The beach wasn’t too sandy but Meadow loves playing with rocks anyways and she got to see a mama duck with her ducklings, she was stoked. Every time she sees ducks she makes this horrific sounding “quack” almost like Donald Duck, it’s hilarious.   

Another very kid friendly lake that is also known for its warm waters is cultus lake. It is beautiful and one of my favorite lakes in Bend, Oregon.