Five Fall activities for kids in Bend Oregon

Five Fall activities for kids in Bend Oregon

I love all of the seasons, but there is something so special about Autumn. It’s the beginning of the holidays, and once every tree starts turning colors, Bend looks so cozy! The weather is usually phenomenal, crisp yet very sunny. All you need is a light coat, and you’re ready for a fall adventure. You shouldn’t struggle to find fall activities for kids in Bend Oregon, there’s fun around every corner!

Here are Five Fall Activities for Kids in Bend Oregon

  1. Pumpkin Patch, it is one of our favorite traditions as a family. We usually go to Smith Rock Ranch where they have a massive corn maze, and the theme changes every year. The sweetest petting zoo, Meadow and I always book-it towards the calf, it’s so cute! But Meadow’s favorite is the pony ride and face paint. However, I always look forward to the art of picking the perfect pumpkin to carve.
  2. Crescent Moon Ranch Alpaca Farm, your kid will love feeding the alpacas. There is usually a baby or two in the herd and they make the cutest noises. It is free of charge, you just have to buy a couple of two dollar bags from the store. The store is a chic white barn with clothing, beanies and stuffed animals, its worth checking out! The alpacas are adorable and it will leave your whole family smiling by the end.
  3. Finding Fall colors in Bend, my absolute favorite thing to do in the Fall. I love walking through drake park with a coffee, watching Meadow play in piles of leaves. It’s so romantic! We usually walk our way through the historic neighborhood as well. The houses are so beautiful! Also, a hike at Shevlin park never disappoints. All the Aspens are bright yellow. It’s a gorgeous time to be in Bend.
  4. Harmony Farm, was founded in 2014 by Robine Bots with the intention of creating a safe place for rescued animals and humans to connect. They have horses, donkeys, pigs, cows, goats, and sheep. These animals are gentle and extremely sweet. I love this place and it’s truly special. You can schedule a private tour, semi-private tour, or a birthday party.
  5. Apple picking in Ashland, only a few hours away from Bend, you can apple pick at the most photogenic farm. The apple orchard has panoramic views of rolling hills of with an array of colors. It also has rows of vineyards in the background and a dirt road that winds down to the apple trees. It’s a great family bonding experience and worth the drive!

Happy Fall!

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