Tulip Festival Oregon

Tulip Festival Oregon

A couple weeks ago, we went to a tulip festival in Oregon at the wooden shoe tulip farm.

It was a fantastic way to welcome spring!

Only 30 minutes from Portland, the tulip festival is open from March 23rd-April 30th daily. We decided to go the opening weekend and surprisingly it wasn’t too busy. However, not all the tulips had bloomed. There was a couple of really beautiful and colorful patches which was good enough for me.

I highly recommend wearing rain boots because the ground can get pretty muddy and uneven. Meadow spotted a puddle, naturally ran to splash and instantly fell in the mud. Good thing the weather was warm and she only cared for about five minutes.

They allow dogs! Our girl, Cherise was able to join us which always makes every trip more fun.

The entrance fee was only 5 dollars but you can grab drinks, food and carnival rides.  Meadow really enjoyed riding a pony, getting her face painted and going on various rides.

It was a lot of fun and we will definitely go next year!

Happy Spring everyone!

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