Five things to learn from children to be a happier & more mindful person

Five things to learn from children to be a happier & more mindful person


Five things i learned from observing my two year old that has made me a happier & more mindful person.

  1. She will naturally go on appreciation rants. We will be at a store and she will say “mommy, i like this song. i like this book. i like your hair, etc.” At first, i thought oh how precious but then i had the realization that she is just in a constant state of gratitude. She never talks about what she doesn’t like and it hit me, babies are organically positive beams of joy. I had the thought, i need to do that! Only talk about the good stuff, life would feel alot better.
  2. She focuses on one thing at a time. As adults, being able to “multi-task” is glorified and considered a skill. However, studies show that multi-tasking reduces your efficiency and IQ. We gotta slow it down.
  3. Spend more time outside, regardless of the weather. She loves going to the park and does not give a hoot if its raining, snowing, foggy, or sunny. And once she gets me out the door (i dont always feel like going on a walk) i feel better and nap time is a breeze.
  4. She makes joy her priority. She does what feels good regardless of what others may think. She insists on wearing pajamas all day or an animal hat, and mismatched socks. She will hear a song playing at the grocery store and begin to dance. Maybe two year olds just haven’t been influenced by societal rules. What if we all behaved like toddlers? Let our freak flags fly a bit more. Sounds nice to me.
  5. Meditation. How can a two year old meditate? Well, she is mindful of everything around her. She takes the time to look at stars, she gets excited when she sees the moon and looks for shapes in clouds. She will lay down in a grassy field and just watch the clouds roll by, in my opinion, that is a form of meditation.

Ever since i became a parent, i have been bombarded by thoughts of what i need to teach my kid. But it never occurred to me everything i had to learn from her.

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