The best town to see fall foliage in Oregon

The best town to see fall foliage in Oregon

Ashland is the best town to see fall foliage in Oregon, here is why:

The town was established in 1852, consequently, its full of historic buldings and beautiful Victorian homes. The entire town is covered in greenery; vines, and trees of all shapes and sizes that turn into an array of warm colors once cooler weather arrives, toward the end of September and into October.

Although the population is only 20,000, we were pleasantly surprised by how liberal and bohemian the town felt.

We enjoyed starting our day at MIX bakeshop, where we would grab coffees to-go, and then walk over to Lithia park.  Lithia park is the prettiest city park I have ever seen. It encompasses 93-acres, including; a Japanese garden, tennis courts, a bandshell, and a plethora of hiking trails.

Downtown is charming and very walkable. You will notice a unique white water fountain that contains lithia water. Although daily consuption is not recommended,  some locals will tell you they have a sip everyday. It is supposed to be extremely healthy for you. It is prescribed for depression and bi-polar syndrome as a natural mood boost. Perhaps thats why everyone seems a bit happier and goofy in Ashlandia. Nevertheless, Mitchell and I took a couple of sips of lithia water while we were there, haha.

Our commute to our lovely hotel, the views were out of this world.

The hotel was perfect, we stayed at the Green Springs Inn. There were chickens running around, and had a playground for kids. Meadow was in heaven. We even had a private jacuzzi deck. While Mitchell worked on a writing assignment, Meadow and I chased the chickens and explored the area. The restaurant served the best bloody mary Mitchell has ever had, and all of the food was fantastic! It was a gourmet dining experience in an unexpected place. Everything was completely homemade, a true from scratch kitchen.

Ashland is a gem, and I highly recommend the trip.

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