Apple picking at the valley view apple orchard in Ashland Oregon

Apple picking at the valley view apple orchard in Ashland Oregon

While we were in Ashland, OR for our fourth year anniversary, we decided to visit valley view apple orchard

The apple orchard had panoramic views of rolling hills of changing colors. It also had rows of vineyards in the background and a dirt road that winded down to the apple trees.

It was the dreamiest setting.

Since Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season, we like to kick it off by picking apples. Its a great bonding experience and one of my favorite traditions. Last year, Meadow mostly observed and would play with the apples on the floor. However, this time around she was climbing the ladder, reaching for those delicious, and perfectly ripe apples. We watched her yank an apple from a tree, then take a huge bite. It was magical to watch her learn where apples come from rather then her relating food with grocery stores.

And then we had the thought, should we have rinsed the apple? haha, Thankfully the orchard is certified organic.

We had so much fun, for a moment Mitchell and I felt like children and we were able to be one-hundred percent in the moment.

Apple picking is good for the soul,  and now its time to make apple pie.

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