Alpaca farm in Oregon

Alpaca farm in Oregon

Trying to take a selfie with an alpaca, haha.

Of course, I found the barn cat.

This baby alpaca stole the show, she was so sweet and kept approaching Meadow.

Although its not officially fall, the air is crisp in the mornings and the temperature has dramatically deacreased. It is my favorite time of year.  We even turned on our fireplace!

On this fine late summer day, we decided to take Meadow to Crescent Moon Ranch to feed alpacas. She loves animals and gets so excited when she gets to interact with them. It is free of charge so its an inexpensive way to enjoy a fun activity with the whole family.

At the farm, they have a white barn house that is actually a boutique with clothing, beanies, and stuffed animals. The decor was simple, rustic but chic. I wanted to take home everything. At the front desk, you can purchase a 2 dollar bag of food for the alpacas.

At first, we thought we weren’t going to physically interact with the alpacas which was a bit disappointing but feeding them was still really fun. Meadow was running up and down just laughing,  it was really cute. She would pet them and talk to them.

We left the cute fuzzy alpacas for a moment to buy some more grain to feed them, Meadow let us know that she was not finished. When we came back to the gate it was closed and a rancher was corralling the alpacas for closing time. He let us in while the alpacas stampeded into the same pen as us! We became one with the herd as they surrounded us. That is when the magic happened between Meadow and the baby brown alpaca, they just hit it off! It would make the sweetest little noises, and was so lovey dovey.

This was a great spur-of-the-moment day trip from Bend, the Crescent Moon Ranch is located in Terrebonne near Smith Rock. We are gearing up and looking forward to the coming holiday season, and… snow!

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