Whychus Creek Falls Trail

Whychus Creek Falls Trail

Meadow lasted about five minutes in the hiking backpack…

We made it!
Meadow was pretty tired towards the end, I think she walked (not even kidding) ¬†1 1/2 miles. But she had a blast ūüôā

  Mitchell and I are very nomadic in nature, we constantly want to travel and experience new places. I think we would have no problem living on the road but we also realize we have to set roots somewhere for the sake of our daughter, Meadow.

And Bend, Oregon is not too shabby.

It has an abundance of nature; pines, rivers, lakes, hikes and endless waterfalls. Every time I think we’ve visited them all, I come across 5 more. ¬†We haven’t even put a dent in our hiking list which is all within a 30-mile radius.

We chose to hike the Whychus Creek Falls because I love waterfalls and it was rated easy, haha. I love a challenging and long hike but Meadow was coming along. However, she was such a trooper! She walked more than a mile and then stayed in her backpack all the way back to the car. Not a peep or complaint, just wide-eyed, closely looking out for monarch butterflies.

The drive to the waterfalls is very pretty. You have to drive to Sisters and of course, we had to pay a visit to our favorite cafe, Angelines Bakery. Mitchell attempted to not get a cinnamon roll, which is proven impossible. We picked up a couple of veggie wraps and ate them at the end of the hike with the sound of the waterfall and birds chirping in the background.

When we got home Meadow passed out early at 6:30 pm. It was so nice and refreshing, something about visiting waterfalls does something for my spirit.

Here is how to get there:

From Sisters, take Elm St. (Road 16) south for 7 miles. Turn right on Road 1514 and continue 4.8 miles to Road 600. Turn left and follow Road 600 for two more miles, then turn left on Road 680. The trailhead is 1/4-mile down the road.

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