Sunrise at Smith Rock

Sunrise at Smith Rock

We watched those guys speed walk misery trail to watch the sunrise, so cool!


The other day I had the thought, when was the last time I intentionally watched the sunrise? And the answer was not pretty. It had been years… So I randomly proposed to Mitchell to watch the sunrise at Smith Rock national park. At first, he had a hard time believing I would get up that early, ha!

” You do realize we would have to leave at 4:30am?”

I was determined, a fun challenge. I was a bit worried about Meadow, how she would react to getting up so early plus it was going to be 23 degrees outside. But Mitchell pointed out that we have snow shoed with her when it was that cold, if not colder, just dress her appropriately and she will sleep the way there.

Well I think she is getting used to our crazy adventures because when I woke her up at 4:30am she was as happy as she could be. She let me dress her and she willingly got in her car seat, almost excited to see where she would wake up.

Once we got there, we found the perfect spot and watched the sunrise. Meadow was more entertained by the wild bunnies and surrounding rocks, but for us, it was refreshing.

Smith Rock is fascinating.

 We then hiked the river trail but left craving misery ridge. The entire time the geese were flying around and honking echoes. It felt like an oasis in a valley, full of nature and life.

There were lots of shining routes of pitons, the climbing leads, going up the rock faces. On our way out we saw a lot of people just starting to climb up the walls, followed by lots more hiking in with their climbing gear. We left feeling inspired and plan on returning to Smith Rock but next time prepared with the right gear.

When was the last time you watched the sunrise?

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