Day Trip to the Painted Hills, Oregon

Day Trip to the Painted Hills, Oregon

Yeap, still nursing…

We celebrated Earth Day at painted hills, it is one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. It turns out that it is only 80 miles from Bend and we had no idea, until my parents pointed it out! I thought it was 6 hours away, so silly! The drive is so pretty, endless fields of grass and antique farm houses, ponderosa pines, and all of the sudden you’re in the desert. I felt like I was back in Arizona. It was a comforting and familiar surrounding, reminding me of home.

Once we got there, we couldn’t believe our eyes, it was so pretty! The contrast between the earthy orange and deep purple tones against the partially cloudy sky was breathtaking. Every now and then the sun would shine through and a single hill would be glowing. Meadow and I sat at a bench for a good while just staring, which is odd for a two year old! We were mesmerized.

I highly recommend the visit to the Painted Hills, a quick day trip from Bend. Pack a picnic, there are some tables in small patches of wildflowers and fields all around. It was a very photogenic place, it was hard to choose the photos on the blog. Mitchell is getting so good at photography!

On our way back we stopped in Prineville to stretch our legs and we grabbed a bite to eat at Crooked River Brewery. It is a fantastic place for kids, they have all sorts of games; pool, mini golf, and bean bag toss. Lots of room to run. They only have pizza but it was vegan and so bomb. It was the perfect Earth Day and we were so grateful to call this beautiful planet our home.

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