5 Reasons to still love winter

5 Reasons to still love winter

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness” John Steinbeck

Meadow is such a daddy’s girl, can you tell by her little smile? so cute!

snow bunny

We had a picnic inside our car with the hatch open and not a bad view….

Okay, so its February and I get it, we are all impatiently waiting for longer, warmer days, but here’s the thing, winter in Oregon is pretty awesome and here is why;

1. It gives you contrast because you experience winters, you make sure to thoroughly enjoy those delicious summer days. You spend as much time outside as possible and summers feel like summer vacation. You know; like back when you were a kid, school was out, and you had all the time in the world. You made sure to swim everyday and eat watermelon slices.

2. Hot cocoa, warm socks, the smell of wood burning fire and a good book.

3. You can still enjoy the outdoors! I recently went snowshoeing in the woods and it was like walking meditation. Even Meadow who is not even 2 was calm and observant. It was so quiet, you could hear your breath, and the tall, bushy pines, looked extra towering with the heavy white snow on their branches barely holding on.  Then all of the sudden a pile of snow would fall on you and it would make us all giggle and jump like kids!

4. Snow beautifies everything! Have you ever compared the dry mountains in summer to the snow capped mountains in winter? We have to appreciate the beauty of snow, and see it for what it actually is; not just some slushy cold mess that makes it a little harder to drive on. Snowflakes are “a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying a delicate sixfold symmetry”, its truly amazing when you think about it!

5. Stay in the moment, make the best of it, because a world without snow would be a sad world.

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