Easy and fun Mouth watering vegan burger recipes

Easy and fun Mouth watering vegan burger recipes


copy cat In-N-Out, yes please!

Cranberry Orange Bread (Vegan)

Black bean walnut burger from vanilla and bean.

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Looks amazing, from hot for food blog. 


so yummy! Recipe from Sweet C’s


I seriously DO put Franks hot sauce on everything! Mouth watering right meow.


Hawaiian burger


Green monster veggie burger


“Big Mac” burger

I love making burgers and you can get so creative with vegan recipes. My mouth was literally watering while making this post. It’s so great to have so many resources for vegan recipes and I admire every vegan food blogger out there. I always go through so many recipes to get inspired and create something of my own. I’m just grateful to be a part of such a creative, wonderful and kind community.

Before Mitchell and i went vegan, we used to love going to In-n-Out. Every time we would visit my parents in Phoenix, we had to go. We don’t really think about that stuff anymore but when i saw the In-N-Out copy cat recipe, I was all over it. Yes, please! Sometimes I wish i could just manifest food on instagram and pinterest instantly, wouldn’t that be nice?!

Although you can get premaid burger patties at the store, and sometimes i buy them, its so much better to make them from scratch. Not only do you add your own sazon but it has less preservatives. However, don’t get me wrong, I know life gets busy and sometimes we have no choice. I’m starting to potty train Meadow and I’ve been watching her like a hawk while shes bottomless so we might be doing take out, haha. She just turned 19 months so it seems a little early but she started showing all the signs. She keeps a dry diaper for a couple hours, she pretends to wipe herself,  she even said “is poo” to me and then pooped in her diaper! I was so shocked that i decided to give it a go.  Right now she is napping but she has peed everywhere but the potty……Its only day one, lol, I’ll keep you guys posted and PLEASE, any advice from the mommies and daddies would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

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