holiday gift ideas for vegans, its easy!

holiday gift ideas for vegans, its easy!

Here’s the deal, shopping for vegans might seem a tad difficult, but is it?

Of course not! It has never been easier to find a vegan friendly gift for your loved ones.  In today’s post I’m going to show you a list that any vegan would love!

The first gift is a MATT & NAT purse which I personally have been eyeing for a while, they are so beautiful! Looks like the real deal without the cruelty. Your girl will thank you. Matt & Nat also have shoes, wallets, bag packs and their stuff is perfection.

that’s not all folks…


As if that’s not enough.

How awesome is the kombucha starter kit? Everyone in Oregon is obsessed with good reason. I’m all about having a healthy balanced gut. You need your probiotics and what better way then to gift them, haha.

To find more vegan friendly holiday gift ideas, like a rad leather jacket, click on the Shop link above. Happy holidays everyone!









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