Harmony Sanctuary Farm in Sisters Oregon

Harmony Sanctuary Farm in Sisters Oregon



Angeline’s bakery and cafe, our favorite spot to grab lunch in Sisters, they have the best vegan cinnamon rolls and everything is made from scratch!


Meadow’s new favorite thing, she has to stop and toss the leaves around, lol.

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Our amazing tour guide, she was so awesome!


The sweetest horse on earth.

He was supposed to be bacon 🙁 but now he is the happiest piggie. Can you tell by that big smile?

We got the chance to visit Harmony sanctuary farm in Sisters Oregon and it was super fun! We loved it so much that we plan to volunteer! They currently have 80 animals and just rescued 3 cows that are on their way. The majority of these animals were severely abused and found in critical conditions such as starvation and physical abuse. You can tell that the owner and volunteers care and love all the animals so much because the animals are so gentle and sweet to you regardless of their past.  It was hard to imagine that anyone would want to harm such beautiful animals.

We got to pet goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, rabbits, horses, donkeys, and pigs. Our favorite was the horse, he would literally give you kisses. It was so precious. He reminded me of our dog Cherise, a gentle giant. I think Meadow’s favorite was the pigs, she kept making “oink” noises the whole time.

The owner, Robine Bots, had a dream of turning her father’s property into a sanctuary farming. She was always saving animals, and it came naturally. She started with a few and it grew into a place that she describes as a labor of love in sharing the farm experience and connection between humans and animals with the Sisters community. With an open invitation to locals to come hang out with some animals, and volunteers, it’s become a great gift to Central Oregon residents. While we were there we met a lot of young volunteers, who shared how much they loved simply being at Harmony Farm, a truly special place.

Meadow was in heaven, she had so much fun. I highly recommend it to all parents to take the kiddos to a sanctuary farm!

Have a look at Harmony Sanctuary Farm’s website at www.harmonyfarmsanctuary.com  and consider volunteering or making a donation.


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