Downtown Bend Oregon

img_2388.jpgimg_2378.jpgimg_2389.jpgimg_2399.jpgI love this little nook with an old water fountain and bench, it is dreamy! bend3img_2401-2.jpgimg_2379-1.jpgimg_2453-1img_2391-3.jpg

matcha latte with hemp milk from palate, so good!


big girl drinking out of a cup all by herself!

img_2392.jpgbend2She is obsessed with flowers, stops every time to smell them! She is so cute.

img_2398-1.jpgbend4img_2411-4.jpgimg_2409-5.jpgDowntown Farmer’s market


Obsessed with the historic homes around downtown, so beautiful!



 With all the amazing outdoors to play in sometimes we don’t spend much time downtown. Apart from a date night once when the parents came through town. On this day we decided to explore downtown Bend a bit further.We passed a book store that looks like a writers dream nook, Dudley’s Bookshop Café, unfortunately it was closed but we will be back. We are suckers for book stores, we always walk out with a ridiculous amount of books. Meadow is starting to pick up that habit too. Right now her favorite book is go dog go. 

As we strolled down the sidewalk of Wall St. we pass a traveling punk or hippie, flashed a peace sign and a big smile. It is hard to capture it in words and even photos, but the spirit of Bend is palpable, from the extravagant and even eccentric holiday celebrations to the leisurely vibe of the locals and vacationers alike. Bend’s inhabitants radiate a shared idealistic lifestyle of prioritizing on fun and family. It’s hard not to join the party! 

Walking through the neighborhoods we found our dream house. They are all charming in their own vintage way, unique from one another. I adore vintage homes, and I’ve always wanted to remodel an old farm house, haha, don’t we all? But Mitchell has had this Henry David Thoreau dream (since childhood, he’s too cool) to build his own home with lumber from the trees in our property with his own hands. I love that he is such a romantic. 

We walked through the historic neighborhood just feeling so inspired and as the water sparkled behind us and we gaze upon a three story country Victorian with the sun setting, we both knowingly look at each other thinking, this town is heavenly. 

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