Day Trip to Oregon Coast from Bend

Lighthouse trip to the Oregon Coast from Bend

The perfect day trip to the Oregon Coast from Bend is the funky town of Newport Oregon. It has some of the closest beaches from Bend. Only three-ish hours away, this cute little coastal town has an array of book themed shops, the historic Yaquina lighthouse, and fantastic beaches for miles. A wooden stairway straight […]

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Fluffly Vegan Pancake Recipe

You can’t go wrong with this fluffly vegan pancake recipe. I grew up with my mom making us pancakes on special occasions. I knew I had a find an easy vegan pancake recipe to continue on the tradition with my children. As you pour the batter into the lightly greased pan, you watch the pancakes […]

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Hood River Fruit Loop

Not too long ago, we went on a weekend getaway to Hood River, Oregon and did the fruit loop. Hood River is known for its abundance in farms, fruit stands and world-class wind surfing. What is Fruit Loop? Its 35 miles of scenic country side with plenty of opportunities for you to pick your own […]

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