Summer picnic 

simple picnic; cold pasta salad, cantaloupe slices, homemade kale chips and a loaf of french bread.

My aunt Teresa brought her that hat from Mexico and I love it when she decides to wear it.

We try to spend as much time outside as possible, whether its hiking, camping or picnicking on a beautiful summer day. It seems to Mitchell and I that Meadow behaves way better when she’s outside, she doesn’t throw fits and has a calmer demeanor. Perhaps it relaxes us all but if you’re a parent, we all know you are happiest when your kid is nice and mellow, lol.

We decided to picnic at shevlin park, which has to be one of my favorite parks here in Bend. There is a stream of ice cold clear water that runs through out the whole park, large red hued ponderosa trees, and aspen here and there. You can find tables all over the place but we went to fremont meadow. It was a bit of a walk and during our walk Mitchell saw a wolf or mountain lion? I guess it was huge and brown, quickly disappeared. I’m usually not too paranoid but right after that a bush raddled and i screamed so loud. It was just a chipmunk, hahah funniest part, i made Mitchell jump too.

It was so nice to eat outside and of course Meadow was a mess instantly but babies are cutest in their diapers, right.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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